Racism has damaging effects on individuals, school communities and society. Schools play a critical role in developing understandings of racism, responding to incidents of racism and preparing students for responsible and effective citizenship in Australian society.

Our school rejects all forms of racism. We are committed to the elimination of racial discrimination - including direct and indirect racism, racial vilification and harassment.

In accordance with the DoE's Anti-Racism Policy, we work to ensure our learning and working environments are free from discrimination and racism. To support this, we:

  • ensure all staff are aware of their obligations under the Anti-Racism Policy, NSW anti-discrimination and Commonwealth anti-racism laws;
  • have a trained Anti-Racism Contact Officer who will provide timely and professional responses to complaints regarding racism;
  • embed anti-racism education in our teaching and learning programs to promote acceptance of Australia's cultural, linguistic and religious diversity and challenge prejudiced attitudes;
  • support all students to develop an understanding of racism and discrimination and the impact on individuals and the broader community; and
  • ensure that sanctions are applied against racist and discriminatory behaviours.