Multicultural Education

Multicultural Education is for all students and school communities. It promotes a shared vision of Australia based on intercultural understanding and community harmony.

Multicultural Education includes a wide range of strategies which aim to achieve two goals: 

  • provide all students with the knowledge, skills and values needed to participate successfully in our culturally diverse society; and 

  • support the specific needs of students from language backgrounds other than English including new arrivals, refugees and students learning English as an additional language/dialect (EALD).

Our school provides programs which promote intercultural understanding and community harmony and which meet the specific needs of students and families from culturally diverse backgrounds.

To achieve this, our school:

  • implements teaching and learning programs which embed intercultural understanding and promote positive relationships, enabling our students to identify as Australians within a democratic, multicultural society.
  • implements inclusive teaching practices which recognise and respect the backgrounds of all students and which promote tolerance and intercultural understanding.
  • provides support for students who are learning English as an additional language or dialect.
  • provides differentiated curriculum and targeted teaching and learning programs to support the specific learning needs of students from culturally diverse backgrounds.
  • implements programs and practices which counter racism and discrimination, in order to foster student wellbeing and community harmony.
  • provides effective communication with parents and community members from diverse cultural, linguistic and religious backgrounds.
  • promotes opportunities for the active engagement in the life of the school for parents and community members from diverse cultural, linguistic and religious backgrounds.
  • publishes an Annual Report on multicultural education achievements, including expenditure of the English  language proficiency loading and relevant targeted (individual student) funding.