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Last updated 1:37 PM on 31 January 2012

A suite of resources, including the School A to Z website and the annual back-to-school hotline, is available to help parents prepare for the new school year.

School A to Z website

The School A to Z website provides you with practical help to get involved and support your children's learning and includes a webcast on the theme of ‘Getting off to a great start at school'.

The School A to Z webcast answers commonly asked questions that range from how to motivate children for learning, to tips on how to manage technology use at home, bullying, and the importance of strong home-school partnerships.
The webcast features expert advice from:

  • Sydney GP Martine Walker
  • psychologist Beverley Thirkell
  • experienced NSW public school principal Sue Brown
  • the education department's deputy director-general (schools) Greg Prior.

Back-to-school hotline

The annual back-to-school hotline – 1300 738 338 – is also open to provide information and advice on how best to prepare for the new school year.

The hotline is open between 8.30am and 4.30pm weekdays until Wednesday 16 February.

Further parent information is also available on the NSW Public Schools website, including:
answers to frequently asked questions about uniforms, school fees and homework
school term and holiday dates.