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Last updated 12:11 PM on 20 April 2012

You can now easily subscribe to updates from the award-winning website for parents, School A to Z. 

Each term you'll receive newsletters with the latest information to help you manage your child's homework and study, health, development and technology use.

School A to Z has been created by parents at the education department to answer the common questions and challenges we all face as we support our kids growing up.

This month's newsletter includes:

Since being launched in August 2011, School A to Z has received more than 280,000 unique visitors to the website and more than three million page views.

The free School A to Z mobile app, which features the popular Spelling Bee and Maths Monkey games for kids, has been downloaded by more than 125,244 users in Australia and overseas - and was showcased as one of the  best apps and games for 2011 in Apple Australia's App Store Rewind 2011.

You can also ask questions and suggest ideas for more articles, assignment starters, videos and podcasts through the website, or on Facebook.