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Last updated 3:04 PM on 11 August 2014

Your child may not go on to become a famous musician, actor, dancer, filmmaker or artist.

But by nurturing the artist in your child you can help them grow up able to think for themselves, problem solve and work out different ways to do things.

They'll also be better able to see different points of view, communicate and express their feelings in different ways.

Here are some top tips:

Stimulate your child's senses - Provide opportunities for your child to experience different sights, smells, sensations and sounds. These sensory activities are food for the brain.

Don't overschedule your child - Resist the temptation to overcrowd your child with organised activities in an attempt to nurture their creativity. Allow them time to be alone, to daydream and to think.

Encourage experimentation and exploration - A cardboard box has limitless potential. Provide materials and objects that encourage your child to explore ideas, experiment, imagine, play and perform.

Encourage difference - Artists and performers respond to the world in many different ways. Move outside your own comfort zone and introduce your child to different kinds and styles of art, music, drama and dance.

Encourage hard work and perseverance - Show appreciation for your child's efforts and suppress the impulse to complete tasks for your child.

Learn from mistakes and learn to take risks - Whether things go well or not, try asking your child these questions: "What worked?", "What didn't work?", "What did you do well or what are you pleased with?", "What would you like to work on?" and "How can I help?"

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