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Last updated 4:19 PM on 16 October 2015



What a spectacular night! There were two performances from our school in addition to a creative display by students who entered the art competition. Special congratulations to Mrs Millhouse and her dance group for performing ‘Spring Awakening'. These girls performed so professionally and elegantly.  Congratulations to Stella-Mae B. 6R, Claudia B. 6R, Paige B. 5S, Georgia M. 6R, Soul O. 6T, Zoe R. 6R , Georja W. 5/6E, Shontae W. 5/6E and Grace WS. 5/6E. We also had three award recipients on the night: Taylah Thorne and Brooklyn Thorne received special AECG Awards for and Amelie Pothof received an award on the night for her Dreaming Creation  Story artwork. 

Well done, everyone – we are so proud of your achievements!

Kylie Johnson