Notes and Forms


Attendance Notes

Absentee Note 1 (pdf 106 KB) Please complete after one day of absence.

Absentee Note 2 (pdf 108 KB) Please complete for more than one day of absence.

Absentee Note 3 (pdf 93 KB) Please complete for part day absence.

Extended Leave (pdf 269 KB) Please complete all pages if your child is going on extended leave. Applications for extended leave are required to be submitted at least a week prior to the leave period. Please note that approval of such leave is subject to Principal approval.


Health Information Notes

Student Health Care Needs (pdf 144 KB) 

Please complete if your child has a health care need at school.

Administer medication request (pdf 100 KB) 

Please complete if you are requesting the school to administer medication to your child.





Whole School Notes / Information:

WPS Athletics Carnival 2018 Amended (pdf 173 KB)

WPS Athletics Carnival 2018 (pdf 151 KB)

Permission to Publish (docx 69 KB)

Term 2 Reward Day Menu (pdf 464 KB)

Anzac Day (pdf 136 KB)

Healthy Harold (pdf 360 KB)

Cross Country (pdf 914 KB)

Harmony Day (pdf 186 KB)

2018 School Contribution (pdf 330 KB)

School Photos (pdf 276 KB)

WPS Canteen Summer Menu (pdf 803 KB)FORMS

PBL Rewards Term 1 2018 (pdf 464 KB)

2018 Swimming Carnival (pdf 297 KB)

Band Music Program (pdf 682 KB)

PBL BBQ Permission (pdf 131 KB)



ES1 Notes:

K-2 Home Reading Note (docx 133 KB)

Red Bus School visit (pdf 851 KB)


Stage 1 Notes:

EOI OZTAG Trials (pdf 138 KB)

Old Wamberal Town (docx 151 KB)

K-2 Home Reading Note (docx 133 KB)

CC Dance Festival (pdf 168 KB)


Stage 2 Notes:

EOI OZTAG Trials (pdf 138 KB)

Koori Choir Workshop & Performance (pdf 193 KB)

Chess (pdf 105 KB)

Koori Choir Permission (pdf 674 KB)

ICAS (doc 1481 KB)

2018 Boys Didgeridoo (pdf 412 KB)

Oral Presentation (pdf 774 KB)



Stage 3 Notes:

NAIDOC Week League Tag Footy Gala Day (pdf 197 KB)

Koori Choir Workshop and Performance (pdf 193 KB)

PSSA Rugby League (pdf 889 KB)

TLLC Student Leadership Con (docx 156 KB)

Chess (pdf 105 KB)

PSSA Basketball Knockout (pdf 171 KB)

NSWPSSA Girls Soccer (pdf 74 KB)

Koori Choir Permission (pdf 674 KB)ICAS (doc 1481 KB)

Boys Didgeridoo Permission (pdf 412 KB)

Public Speaking (pdf 62 KB)



Other Notes (specific groups):

Festival of Instrum. Music Note 1 (pdf 581 KB)

Festival of Instrum. Music  Note 2 (pdf 93 KB)





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